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The Rousso Family Business

Hello, I am Myra and Welcome to My Site in the Rousso Family Business of Door Knobs and Handy Home Goods! I am excited to work with you. If you need anything please send me an email.

We have the Classiest & the Finest Custom Made Reproduction Depression Glass and Crystal Door Knobs, Cabinet Knobs and Hardware. Made to fit YOUR Home. Antique Replicas of the masters in late 1800 and early 1900s reminiscent of the days gone by when Quality and Style were the keywords! Our Hardware and Retrofit kits bring your old door knobs together with new doors. Our Knobs and our Retrofit kits fit on any Modern Door with ease. So take a few moments and look over our products. We offer Old Fashioned Customer Service to help you. Let us help you add style and class to your home one Knob at a time.

We have Expanded with our Handy Home Goods Collection. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Gel Mats reducing strain when working in one area for longer periods of time. They come in multi decor colors, Handmade Beautiful Door Knockers, Door Numbers, Easy to install Deck Tiles to make your old patio new again.

THE ROUSSO FAMILY BUSINESS was started by my Grandfather and my Father learned as much as he could from him. My Father is working besides us as we learn as much as we can from him. Today we have My Father & Mother, my Sister, Niece, Nephew, Son and 2 people who feel like family working with us! Over the years just about every cousin I have worked for us.